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       Monday, January 22, 2018

Regina Bypass Environmental Review

An environmental review is being conducted for the segment of the Regina Bypass that will connect Highway 1 West at the West Regina Bypass to Highway 1 East in the vicinity to Tower Road, and the corridor along Highway 1 East from Tower Road to Balgonie.

The study is being conducted to prepare a Technical Proposal for submission to the Ministry of Environment’s Environmental Assessment Branch (EAB) for review and further direction as part of the environmental review process for the Regina Bypass Project. 

AMEC Environment & Infrastructure will prepare the Technical Proposal which will include an overview of the existing conditions, effects assessment methodology, the development of mitigation / management measures to minimize or prevent potential impacts, an assessment of residual environmental effects and a cumulative effects assessment.

AMEC is studying the existing physical, biological and human environment features within the proposed project area including surface and ground water, wetlands, soils, vegetation, wildlife, air/noise, cultural heritage and archaeology, socio-economics, land and resource uses and Aboriginal traditional land uses.

The Technical Proposal will also present the results of any public, stakeholder consultation and First Nation and Métis engagement. A public open house to present initial study findings was held on November 28, 2013, in collaboration with second open house for the South Regina Bypass Functional Planning Study.

For more information, please contact:
Caroline Burgess
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure
(306) 380-0774 or e-mail: SouthReginaBypass@amec.com

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