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       Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter Weights are effective November 16 and continue until March 14 of the following year. The period from November 16 to November 30 and the period from the last day in February until March 14 are subject to restrictions, if weather conditions remain or become too mild to allow for the additional weights.

Saskatchewan Highways may place weight restrictions on some provincial highways to maintain them at normal summer weights for these two week periods, if weather conditions don't allow for the increased weight.

Beginning December 29, winter weights will be in effect for the entire province, until the last day in February at which time restrictions may be imposed again until March 14th. On March 15th at 12:01 A.M. winter weights are no longer in effect and summer weights apply.

South West Exemption
Winter Weights will not apply in the southwest area of the province until December 1st and will be removed on the last day of February due to historically milder climatic conditions. The southwest area of the province is defined as: "the Alberta border to the west, the South Saskatchewan River to the north to the intersection of Highway No. 4, then along Highway No. 4 to Highway No. 1 east along Highway No. 1 to the junction of Highway No. 6 and then south along Highway No. 6 to the U.S. border."

NOTE: Weights can be restricted at any time through Minister’s order should circumstances warrant.

Winter Weight Restrictions revert the allowable axle group and gross vehicle weights to the regular summer limits on designated Public Highways for the time frame specified in the order.

For current status of Winter Weights in your area refer to the Road Restriction Map http://roadinfo.telenium.ca/sk/map_spring/ or call the Highway Hotline at 1-888-335-7623.

Winter weights are not based on a percentage of gross vehicle weight but rather on maximum gross weights on various axle configurations as defined in Chapter H-3.01 REG 2, Section 15(11) of The Highways and Transportation Act, 1999.

Winter weights apply to most provincial highways and municipal roads. There are some provincial highways and roads where the winter weights do not apply. Refer to Special Weight Restrictions on this website for further information.

Municipal roads are under the jurisdiction of the respective Rural Municipality and they have the authority to set limits at less than those on provincial highways. You should contact the respective rural municipality before hauling winter weights.

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