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       Monday, January 22, 2018

Transportation planning studies evaluate the safety and efficiency of highways and will usually identify future traffic needs. They are often the first step in a process aimed at improving highways, service roads, overpasses, bypasses, etc. Planning studies are usually conducted by a third party engineering consultant and always include public consultation.

A functional study is underway for the future overpass at Highway 1 and the Pilot Butte Access Road. The study is required to confirm future traffic volumes and movements for the area and develop a design layout that will accommodate all vehicle movements 20 to 30 years into the future.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure - in partnership with the City of Martensville, Town of Warman, and RM of Corman Park is undertaking a transportation planning study for Highway 11 and Highway 12 from Saskatoon north to the Junction of Highway 305.

Intersection alignment of Highways 15 and 11 near Kenaston is part of a larger study for planned improvements along Highway 15.   

Located from the Junction of Highway 12 to the Dalmeny Access Road, the Highway 305 Design Project's purpose is to improve the existing highway for motorists. Planned improvements include raising the highway grade, adding shoulders and building the road to handle primary weight haul.

Highway 5 currently serves as the primary access to and from Humboldt and as the city’s main economic corridor. In order to ensure highway infrastructure continues to support the local economy and can handle traffic safely and efficiently, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is partnering with the city of Humboldt and the RM of Humboldt to study a future truck bypass route. 

A safety review is underway for Highway 3 and the intersection of Highway 55 at Shellbrook.

A study is being conducted to determine design options for the segement of the Regina Bypass that will connect Highway 1 East to Highway 33 in the vicinity of Tower Road.

Preliminary planning is underway to determine a route for a freeway around most of the City of Saskatoon. This general location study will be used for future planning.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, City of Yorkton, Rural Municipality (RM) of Wallace and RM of Orkney are partnering to complete a long-range planning study in the Yorkton area.

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The City of Prince Albert, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, RM of Buckland and RM of Prince Albert hired consulting engineers Stantec and McNair Business Development to collect public input and other data for the Prince Albert Area Second River Crossing Study. The Prince Albert Grand Council also participated in this study.

Highway 1 East

Highway 1 is one of the most heavily-travelled highway corridors in Saskatchewan, providing the province with access to key Canadian markets and broader national and international logistics centres. East of Regina, Highway 1 also serves as the primary access to the city for several bedroom communities in the area.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure holds Open Houses to provide information to and gain feedback from members of the public on potential highway improvements.

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