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       Monday, January 22, 2018

The route for the Regina Bypass was chosen after extensive study and using commonly accepted transportation engineering methodology. The planning process included extensive public consultation and involvement from municipal governments.

This route provides the best alignment with a potential future NE bypass. It provides sufficient spacing to allow for the overpass at the Pilot Butte Access.  This overpass will allow Pilot Butte residents to safely get onto and off of Highway, and cross the highway to get to Emerald Park.  Without the overpass, Pilot Butte residents accessing services in Emerald Park or White City will have to go to either Gravel Pit Road or Highway 48 and double back.

Alternative routes were assessed and generate no additional benefit. These alternatives generally require the construction of more road and at least one more railway overpass.

Access to the Bypass will be tightly controlled so development "jumping" it isn't a problem. For example, parts of the bypasses around Edmonton and Calgary are well within the developed part of those cities.

Revisiting the location of the Bypass would result in an unacceptable delay to the Bypass Project.  New general location and functional design studies would take about two years.  The location of the overpasses at White City and Pilot Butte would need to be re-studied, resulting in further delay, with little to no likelihood of finding a better alternative.

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