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       Monday, January 22, 2018

Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure in recognizing an individual or family's need to grieve the loss of loved ones, will allow the highway right-of-way to be used for the purpose of erecting commemorative markers providing these principles are respected and not compromised:

  • the need to ensure traffic safety and traffic flow;
  • the need for effective highway and right-of-way maintenance;
  • the Ministry's duty to not create legal liability for the government;
  • the provisions in The Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation Act.


  • markers must not obstruct sight lines, and must be at least 100 metres from any intersection;
  • markers must be located at the outer edge of the highway right-of-way. If a fence line exists, the marker should be located adjacent to the fence. If a tree line exists,
  • the marker should be located adjacent to the tree line;
    markers must be constructed to be easily knocked down on impact. They can not be cemented into a base;
  • markers should be reasonable in size and not exceed 80 cm in height by 60 cm in width;
  • markers must not have flashing lights, reflective tape or any other material or ornamentation that could distract a highway user or create a safety hazard to other users of the highway;
  • makers will be allowed for fatal accident sites only, and only one marker will be allowed per accident site;
  • installation and maintenance of markers will be at the expense of the party wishing to erect the marker. The Ministry will not be responsible for any damage that may occur to the marker once erected. This includes damage caused by highway maintenance, snow removal, upgrading or by vandalism, theft or any other circumstance;
  • markers within the incorporated boundaries of a town with a population greater than 1000 shall be at the discretion of the urban authority.

For further information on commemorative markers, please contact your nearest Highways and Infrastructure Regional Office.

Southern Region - Regina 306-787-4715
Central Region -   Saskatoon 306-933-5821
Northern Region - Prince Albert 306-953-3523

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