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       Monday, January 22, 2018

Development Adjacent to Highways

Typically, permits are required for any work within the 90 metres from the right-of-way of a provincial highway. For example a permit would be required from the Ministry for:

  1. A building or structure.

  2. Any excavation including wells or dugouts, and the placing of embankments.

  3. Planting trees, hedges, or shrubs.

  4. Erecting any sign within 400m of the highway property line, except:

    a) When a sign is less than 2 sq. m. in area and erected on property where goods and services are provided. 

    b) When the sign is less than 2 sq. m. and used to advertise a local agricultural or unique activity located on property other than where the sign is erected.

  5. Constructing approaches to a highway, including highways within a city, town or village (if the department maintains the right-of-way).  If an approach is permitted, the Ministry will specify the size of culvert required. 

  6. Lighting Installations.

  7. Utilities – Special Permits are required to install any utility along or across public highways.  This includes pipelines for water, sewer, oil or gas and above or below ground lines for power, telephones, etc.

The Ministry has standards protecting the right-of-way for future widening, to control snow drifting, to maintain the integrity of the highway and protect the public investment and to provide a safe driving environment.

If you have questions pertaining to specific event or work or with your permit, you will want to contact a road-side technician in your region. To view the contact for your area, click on the map. In addition, permit applications and some typical plans can be found below. This service is provided free of charge.

The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997; Unless authorized by permit obtained from the minister, no person shall erect, excavate, bury, or cause to be erected, excavated, or buried any building, structure, lighting device, reflecting device, embankment, dugout, well or other excavation within the (typically) 90 metres from the property line of a provincial highway.

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