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       Monday, January 22, 2018
    Regina Walsh Acres MLA Warren Steinley addresses students regarding rail safety April 29, 2014

Did you know?

  • In Saskatchewan, more than 1,000 railway crossings are regulated by the provincial government. (This doesn't include those regulated by the federal government.)

Some key safety tips for motorists and pedestrians

  • Be alert, be prepared to stop and obey all crossing signals and signs.
  • Remember to only cross railway tracks at authorized and marked crossings.

Ministry shortline railway safety initiatives for children

  • Regularly updating and distributing free Train Safety Activity Booklets and companion Teacher’s Guides to Grade 4 students in areas where Saskatchewan’s shortline railways operate. Both documents, produced in partnership with the Saskatchewan Shortline Railway Association and with assistance from the Government of Saskatchewan's Francophone Affairs Branch, can also be downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of this page in English or French.

Other Ministry shortline railway safety initiatives

  • Providing free reflective tape for Saskatchewan shortline locomotives so they’re more visible at highway-rail crossings. The Ministry has helped outfit all of the shortline locomotives that required reflective tape. Provincial shortline railways can request replacement tape, if needed. This safety tape is applied to the locomotive by the shortline employees.
  • Regularly reviewing provincial shortline railways safety management plans and ensuring compliance with approved safety management plans, provincial standards and guidelines.
  • Conducting ongoing safety inspections of provincially-regulated railway crossings so all of them are personally visited by Ministry officials over a three-year period, which means about one third are seen each year.
  • Providing and applying reflective tape that’s similar to the locomotives to both sides of a provincial shortline rail-highway crossing signs to maximize visibility and safety.
  • Conducting a regular safety audit program of provincial shortline locomotives.
  • The Ministry also regularly works with other transportation and government partners when designing, maintaining or operating highways near railway infrastructure that’s also under federal jurisdiction.

 REMINDER: "All road traffic must stop for any equipment on a railway."

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