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      Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Saskatchewan is known for its harsh winter climate with frigid cold, extreme changes in temperature, whipping winter winds and heavy snowfall. This severe weather can wreak havoc on our roads and keep snowplow crews hopping to clear snow and ice on Saskatchewan's 26,000 km provincial highway network.

To learn more about which highways are cleared first and why, snow and ice control, safe driving practices around snowplows, how the latest technology for improved service is used and how to access the latest winter road conditions before heading out via the Highway Hotline, please click the links below.

New Blue and Amber Flashing Lights

Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure snow removal equipment now features blue and amber flashing lights to increase their visibility and to improve the safety of their operators and all motorists. Learn more: Seeing Blue? Slow Down, Stay Back, Stay Safe

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Know before you go this winter by checking the latest road conditions here via multiple access points.

Definitions of all the terms used to describe highway conditions in the province.

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